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Until I find something interesting to update with you can find out what I'm up to on Twitter Now I'm going to use this journal to read other journals & comment in communities.
On my way to school Tuesday....
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Horrifying Canadian Workplace Safety Ads

http://www.prevent-it.ca has some interactive ads.

Other ads I found on youtube that were a little disturbing...


The Guitar Hero party on Saturday was probably one of the weirdest  nights of my life. Robert's entry on the party.


DO NOT use your Wii on the intarwebz to pick up children or you might run into... Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC
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Andre 3000

Robert Smith

Jack Black


Weird Al

the cast of Firefly

Albert Einstein
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Bob Ross


Chuck Norris

Geico caveman
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Earl from My Name Is Earl
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Christopher Walken

I should not be this amused.

Damn you Kevin Federline now Popozao will be stuck in my head for days.....



I always knew the mayor's daughter was a slut even more so after hearing a story about her borrowing a ladder from her neighbor to get a man into her room late one night, but CHR-IST!

I figured I would check my mail after watching movies by Beth's house at about 12:30 A.M.(ish)
and what do I see in front of my house? The mayor's daughter fucking some guy (possibly her boyfriend, pimp, fuck buddy, client, the list goes on) in the back seat of a car. It was an eye full. A lot of thrusting was happening and for a short period of time at fast speed like a god damn rabbit or something. Robert was with me and after being disgusted by seeing that guys white ass bouncing up and down he walked away. He also was not able to sleep that night. When we walked back into the house and telling Beth what we saw she rushed outside. When Christine O'Connor and some guy got out of the car we felt the need to clap so we did as such before leaving.It was like a car crash you had to look or at least wait until they got out and say something, call the cops, who cares, something!! Now that is something you don't see everyday.

Her new name is Jackhammer.

I Less Than Three Cheap Movies....

I bought a buttload of movies/shorts/TV shows recently because Sam Goody was going out of business and Troma had VHS tapes for a dollar. Haha and my dad said I wouldn't find anything...please I can always find something. So I walked out with about 8 somethings. I'm always a sucker for the $5.50 bin at Walmart so I went through that as well.

The List.....Collapse )

Let's Play A Game......

What does not belong in the list of items circled in red?

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